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About Us

The Public Transport Forum New Zealand is an umbrella group advocating for all aspects of public transport

Our vision is for sustainable environmentally friendly public transport connecting communities across Aotearoa New Zealand for everyone, everywhere, easily.

Who we are

The Public Transport Forum New Zealand is a national advocacy group that promotes sustainable public transport across Aotearoa New Zealand and to achieve zero carbon emissions. Its supporters consist of individuals and organisations.

Supporting organisations

Formally Save Our Trains, we are a non-partisan network of concerned citizens who want to save our national passenger rail network and have a conversation about the future of passenger rail in Aotearoa New Zealand. 

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The Federation of Rail Organisations of NZ (FRONZ) exists to represent the Heritage & Tourist Rail Industry in Aotearoa New Zealand.

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A non-politically aligned advocacy group set up to promote the highest potential use of rail in Aotearoa New Zealand.

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An advocacy group for better public transport in the Auckland region.

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People of Taranaki (and friends) who love public transport and want to see services grow and improve. They're independent, not linked to Taranaki Regional Council, New Plymouth District Council or any other organisation.

For further information, visit I Love Public Transport Taranaki

An advocacy group of professionals who love trains and New Zealand. Using our skills and talents to develop an idea how we could make rail work for everyone in Aotearoa. We are focused on making it work in the Golden Triangle (Auckland, Hamilton and Tauranga) first, with a view of extending our concepts and vision for the introduction of other lines across the country that can be both viable and affordable.

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Is your organisation missing?

Contact us via and tell us why your organisation would be a good fit to join us in advocating for great public transport across Aotearoa New Zealand.