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Why advocate for public transport

Public transport whether it is by bus, scenic coach, passenger train and/or ferry is a sustainable environment friendly way of getting around Aotearoa New Zealand. It could be so much better and help Aotearoa New Zealand meet or exceed its climate targets. Imagine travelling hassle free on a frequent public transport services using one easy to use payment/ticketing system, easy to use travel information website and smart phone travel app.

Unfortunately, for too long politicians in councils and government have spent most transport dollars on trying to make driving easier. By putting cars first and denying us affordable and frequent transport choices, they have forced more and more people to drive allowing for carbon and other toxic emissions to escape into the atmosphere warming our planet.

It's time for politicians in councils and government to start to think about our environment and starting work towards Aotearoa New Zealand net zero emissions goals.

A collection of links useful information about public transport in New Zealand, including government documents:


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