Existing technology - regional buses

Published on 30/06/2023 at 8:33 am.

Over fifteen years ago British environmental journalist George Monbiot argued for improving intercity buses (in the UK) to reduce carbon emissions, by promoting a better organised, more attractive network could get people around faster, save tonnes of carbon - and cost almost nothing.

He proposed using an existing technology - inter-regional buses. This would also work well in New Zealand.

"Instead of dragging motorway transport into the cities, Storkey's system drags city transport out to the motorways. Urban buses on their way out of town, he proposes, keep travelling to the nearest motorway junction, where they meet the coaches. By connecting urban public transport to the national network, Storkey's proposal could revitalise both systems, as it provides more frequent and more viable bus services for the suburbs."

Read Monbiot's article here -


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