NZ Rail Coalition supports regional rail

Published on 22/09/2021 at 12:47 pm.

With the recent media reports concerning the Te Huia passenger train services between Hamilton and Papakura between Monday to Friday regarding ridership, the Te Huia service is currently a victim of a disorganised, uncoordinated, regionalisation of Aotearoa New Zealand 'turn up & go' public transport systems.

Auckland Transport despite being part of the Te Huia Governance Group is still making it difficult for Te Huia train service to operate and Waka Tokahi NZ Transport Agency also part of the Te Huia Governance Group still has not approved Te Huia 'push/pull' operation to and from Papakura during (Monday to Friday) to the frustration of the Waikato Regional Council.

The Te Huia Rail Governance Group is made up with representatives of the Hamilton City Council, Waikato Regional Council, Kiwirail, Auckland Transport and Waka Tokahi New Zealand Transport Agency.

Dr Imran Muhammad - Associate Professor of Urban Planning and Design at Massey University is correct, that interregional rail is completely missing from national debate and long term thinking and political consensus.

In Shamubeel Eaqub's book Growing Apart - Regional Prosperity in New ZealandĀ  "The cost of travel to our regions is an obvious obstacle [to regional prosperity]... This high cost of travel to regions, particularly airfares, is of growing concern. A negative spiral threatens with low demand putting more pressure on carriers and prices, further reducing accessibility for provincial businesses."

The New Zealand Rail Coalition supports the re-introductions of regional and inter-regional passenger train services connecting Aotearoa New Zealand 6 main cities with 13 provincial cites, major towns, semi rural and rural communities that currently have rail connectivity.

The New Zealand Rail Coalition also supports the re-introduction of both light and heavy rail in Christchurch city and the greater Christchurch region.

Press release from the New Zealand Rail Coalition

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