Weekday Te Huia services to central Auckland

Published on 11/11/2021 at 10:02 am.

The Te Huia train service between Hamilton and Auckland is set to take train passengers direct to The Strand Station in central Auckland on weekdays after the extension of the weekday service has now received final approval to operate.

“It’s a breakthrough for passengers. It means they won’t have to connect to another service or pay using a different card to get to central Auckland. And it’s an extra hour of uninterrupted and productive time for commuters,” said the Te Huia rail governance group chair and Waikato regional councillor Hugh Vercoe.

Besides stopping at Papakura, the next stage of improvements will include stops at the new Puhinui Station, enabling access to Auckland Airport, allowing passengers to connect with frequent electric bus services to the airport, before stopping at The Strand Station.

Its planned to resume Te Huia train services with a new timetable, late January 2022 due to vital track work being undertaken within Auckland during December and January.

The one way fare for travel between Hamilton and The Strand Station in Auckland will be $18 using a Bee Card, which can be purchased on the train as well as cash fares.

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