Our initiatives are

To promote better public transport in Aotearoa New Zealand, the Public Transport Forum New Zealand promotes the following initiatives: Back to the future: regional passenger rail services, and National Public Transport Agency.

Back to the future: regional passenger rail services

The re-introduction of regional and inter-regional passenger train services to connect Aotearoa New Zealand's 6 main cities with 13 provincial cities, major towns and smaller semi-rural and rural communities across the 13 of the 16 regions that currently have rail connectivity.

Regional and inter-regional passenger rail services would be frequent (at least daily) services using environmentally friendly passenger train sets to reduce Aotearoa New Zealand emissions by using a clean renewable energy environmentally friendly national regional passenger train network.

Bus and coach services would complement regional passenger train services with connectivity to communities that don't have access to passenger train services.

For further information concerning Aotearoa New Zealand's new regional passenger rail network

National Public Transport Agency

What is it

The National Public Transport Agency would be a 'not for profit' public transport funding entity under the Ministry of Transport taking over all public transport planning and funding functions from Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency. It would provide national funding, planning, procurement and operational guidelines for subsidise urban, semi rural, rural, regional and inter-regional bus/coach, train, light rail and ferry services under one brand – Public Transport Aotearoa New Zealand. This would be done in association with the agency's city, district and regional council and transport services partners.

Why is there a problem

Currently, public transport services in Aotearoa New Zealand is based on regionalised and commercialised procurement through the PTOM (Public Transport Operating Model). Each council develops and grows their own 'commercialised' public transport services using competitive tendering, to allow increased fare revenue whilst reducing reliance on rate and taxpayer subsidies.

This has lead to little or no inter-regional cooperation and planning, creating inequalities between regions. More densely populated regions have better public transport services and less populated regions have little or no public transport services.

Are there other public transport agencies

Yes there are. Here are a couple of examples:

Victoria, Australia - Public Transport Victoria
London, United Kingdom - Transport for London

For further information concerning Aotearoa New Zealand's new national public transport funding agency

Sounds great. How can I help?

If you want to become involved in these initiatives, please look at the various options on the Get involved page.