Investment gap or efficiency gap? Benchmarking New Zealand’s investment in infrastructure

Published on 5/07/2022 at 9:26 pm.

The Infrastructure Commission explains that New Zealand doesn't get good value out of its infrastructure.

This is a long (24 page) but interesting read. Key takeaways are:

  • We spend more on infrastructure than we might assume – our rates of investment are in line with other high-income countries, or even a bit above-average
  • The quality of our infrastructure does not match the quantity of our spending, suggesting that we are comparatively inefficient in delivering infrastructure relative to other high income countries
  • There is a case to lift investment in infrastructure – but only if we can deliver cost effectively and achieve good value for money from our spending. This raises an important question: How can we do better? To address that question, we need to drill into the detail about how our investments are performing, in terms of cost-effectiveness and value for money, and what we would need to do differently to achieve better outcomes.
  • New Zealand to ensure that we are choosing investments that deliver economic, social, and environmental benefits at an acceptable cost, and independent advice on infrastructure project prioritisation.

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