What is better for the environment - diesel or electric buses?

Published on 12/05/2022 at 2:19 pm.

A video comment comparing battery buses and trolleybuses -

Up to 2017 Wellington had an extensive trolleybus network using buses they had an average life of 8 years, was decommissioned according to some regional Councillors on the Greater Wellington Regional Council at the time, the network was expensive to maintain, created visual pollution and couldn't be integrated into the new diesel bus based multi transfer bus 'rapid bus network', despite 6 trolleybus routes could have been used in the new bus network and reduce toxic diesel and noise emission in Wellington's central city area.

Now the Greater Wellington Regional Council is encouraging the replacement of diesel buses with battery buses.

Since Wellington city has a hilly topography which is good for trolleybus operation and with some out of the square forward thinking by the Great Wellington Regional Council, Wellington's trolleybus network could have been retain and move towards a electric battery trolleybus fleet as used in Prague/Praha, for existing trolleybus and none trolleybus routes -

Wellington trolleybuses could also operate on batteries -

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