New regional passenger trains for Wellington region

Published on 29/04/2023 at 8:50 am.

The Government will spend hundreds of millions on new hybrid trains for the Wellington region.

The 18 new four-car trains for the Wellington to Masterton and Wellington to Palmerston North rail lines, as well as station and line upgrades, will be a major part of Budget 2023’s infrastructure spend, and are expected to increase trips on the two lines by 1.5 million trips annually.

“We said that infrastructure will be a key focus in this year’s Budget and this announcement is a critical example of that. It builds on previous Budgets where this government has made a long term commitment to improving rail services for New Zealanders,” Finance Minister Grant Robertson said.

“The new trains will operate using a combination of electricity wires, batteries and fuel, lowering our carbon emissions and making New Zealand less reliant on volatile international energy markets.”

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